The founding organizations are the Human Milk Banking Association of North America ( HMBANA) and the United Kingdom Association of Milk Banks (UKAMB).

HMBANA: The Human Milk Banking Association of North America was formed in 1985 to development guidelines for donor milk banking as well as support networking and education on donor banking. The Guidelines developed in collaboration with the US Center for Disease Control, US Federal Drug Administration and American Academy of Pediatrics have been used by a number of organizations to develop national guidelines. HMBANA now has eleven member banks and supports non-profit milk banking throughout North America.

UKAMB: The United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking was formed in 1997 to promote human milk banking, provide a forum for information, set standards and review guidelines. UKAMB has been able to help and support hospitals to set up new banks and re-open ones closed during the 1980's.